Management Strategy Evaluation

We now have examples of the two components and are ready to run the MSE.

The simulations are split into two phase:

  1. The spool-up period, where the historical fishery is simulated. See Simulating Historical Fishery for details.
  2. The projection period, where the historical fishery is projected forward and the management procedures are applied to the simulated fishery. See Simulating Projection Period for details.

The runMSE function is used to run the management strategy evaluation:

MSE <- runMSE(OM, MPs=MPs, silent=TRUE)

runMSE is a wrapper function for two functions:

  1. Simulate - simulates the spool-up period and returns an object of class Hist.
  2. Project - takes an object of class Hist and a set of management procedures, simulates the projection period, and returns an object of class MSE.

See Simulation Dynamics for more details on all that goes on when using the runMSE, Simulate, or Project functions.

The runMSE function returns an object of class MSE that contains all of the output from the MSE. This object can be plotted in various ways to summarize the performance of the MPs.