Populate the OM

Constructing a data-limited operating model involves setting parameter ranges for each of the slots in the four operating model components:

  1. Stock Object
  2. Fleet Object
  3. Obs Object
  4. Imp Object

The easiest way to do this is to create the OM Excel file using OMinit and entering the parameter values as ranges in the Excel spreadsheet. See Initialize the OM for details and examples.

By default most slots require two values: a lower and upper bound of a uniform distribution. This is the simplest way to create an OM for a data-limited fishery. The bounds for the parameters should be set wide enough to cover the plausible but uncertain range for the fishery.

In more information is available, the Custom Parameters feature can be used for distributions other than uniform or to maintain correlations between parameters.

The OM Library includes a large number data-limited operating models that can be used as examples to help get started with building a data-limited OM.